Lawn Mowing and Care

Lawn mowing and Care

Some people’s lawns can be their most treasured possession, while others can’t stand the thought of cutting grass on a regular basis, over the summer months. No matter which category you might fall in to you’re more than likely going to need some advice or help in simply getting on top of it, or making it look like a golf green or billiard table.

Regular cutting is required more than anything to improve your lawn, and that’s something we can help you out with by being part of our regular grass cutting rota. Whether it be weekly or monthly we have the machines to assist.


Beyond that there’s scarifying, aerating, brushing, spraying and feeding. All these are available with us along with simple grass cutting. Not discounting starting from scratch again and re-turfing. Whatever lawn you’re either not able to get time to deal with or not happy with, we can come along advise and help, from a complete overall or a simple one off cut…