Treework & Pruning

Tree Work and Pruning

Tree work and pruning is often not far from garden clearance in a lot of cases we come across. However, occasionally we are called to somewhere that requires a little more tact and fine tuning. From pruning grape vines and apple trees, to dismantling large trees, we’ve done it all.

JJ himself has done his fair share of tree work, and largely specialised in it when the company set up in the 70’s, felling and dismantling and selling the logs on a weekend. Now most people keep the logs, and we take away the brash via a large vegetation chipper. Each case is different however, and we are available to fulfil your needs, with both trained and qualified staff.


We can give you the best advice over the phone, fill in many forms that can often be required with large trees. Provide you with information on the best times to prune trees and bushes. Whatever you require, with 40 years of experience you can’t go wrong…