Tree Shrub Planting

Tree and Shrub Planting

Trees, shrubs and flowers of any size are supplied and planted. When it comes to design that’s also not a problem.  It’s not always easy to know what sort of plant can thrive in certain conditions, and we’re here to help. What likes certain types of soil, what prefers shade, what prefers dry conditions etc.

In many cases, we can source all the plants you are going to need and make sure they are of the best quality and size for your requirements.  Whether it be a large root balled semi mature tree, down to small flowers for hanging baskets.  We can supply and plant them all with instructions or aftercare to support.


Everyone knows when designing or thinking of ideas in the garden or landscaping area, what catches the sun and where they would like their lawn or landscaped area. What is going to look good in terms of plants, shrubs and trees is not so easy, and in many cases not so much of an interest, other than wanting to make it look good. That’s where we can come in…