Grass Cutting

Grass cutting

The grass cutting season generally runs from the beginning of March to the end of October. Depending on the seasonal changes and weather it can run outside of these dates, particularly when sports are involved and the height of cut needs to be kept constant.  So, if your personal needs stretch outside of the regular season it’s not a problem, if weather and ground conditions allow.

The frequency of cut is also something that varies, usually depending on personal preference.  Most domestic lawns and general cutting has a fortnightly interval, where more formal lawns requiring a more professional finish come down to a weekly cut.  This is no problem, as is an annual cut for those areas such as verges or even wildflower meadows that require one cut and cuttings removed to reduce fertility. Whatever the situation the machinery and expertise is there to cope with it.


In relation to cost its always better to see the job first and in some cases even do it first to give you a better idea of what it will cost to complete regularly.  However, if you would like a good estimate, feel free to give us some pictures, measurements and details and we’ll do the best we can for ideas. If it’s an emergency call out you require, which has been known where special events are going to be held, we hope to get to you within 5 working days. Whatever you require we aim to give a quality service tailored to your needs….